Beyond Nutrition - Lissette Howell

My Story


Hi! My name is Lissette Howell, certified Holistic Health Coach, and I am extremely passionate about natural healing through proper nutrition, exercise, and spiritual growth.

​As a Health Coach, I guide and support women who are struggling with weight and body image issues, on their journey to healthy living. My clients learn how to incorporate lifestyle changes by looking beyond what is on the dinner plate, that will naturally lead to making better choices everyday for themselves and their families.


My own health journey started after giving birth to our second son. I was very unhappy with my weight, we regularly ate fast food as a family, and I had no energy or desire to exercise…even just thinking about exercise made me tired (true story!)


Often times I would compare myself, and my body to those of celebrities I saw on TV and in magazines.  I hated the way I looked and felt about myself – when I finally admitted my truth I was inspired to do something about it.  I called up a local gym and signed up to work with a personal trainer.


We worked out a program where I could reach my goal weight with regular exercise and restricting my daily caloric intake, every calorie consumed and expended was accounted for. About four months later I had reached my goal weight, I felt energized and ready to take on the world, except that I was now obsessed with food. I spent a ton of time and energy thinking about what my next meal would be and when it was coming – I had inadvertently starved myself to lose weight and I lost complete control around food. 


Unfortunately, I would go on this weight gain/weight loss, emotional eating roller coaster two more times before finally getting help. I developed an autoimmune disorder (Hashimotos Thyroiditis) which begged for lifestyle changes and I knew that I needed help in making these changes stick for good. By divine intervention, a good friend referred me to a Health Coach and my life’s work began.


Since working with a health coach and subsequently becoming certified myself, I’ve learned that my food “roller coaster” ride had just as much to do with what was going on in my life: the stress of a third baby, a cross country move with our young family, late nights up with the kids, months of no exercise at all or sometimes, too much exercise…yes, that’s a thing! There was seemingly no space to take care of ME.


Friends, if any of my story resonates with you – please know that you are not alone, there is hope and space for to you to BE YOUR BEST SELF!  I can help you get off the emotional eating and dieting “roller coaster” ride.