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Are you ready to get off the proverbial dieting roller coaster ride? 
Do you wish to be in great physical health but lack the energy and motivation to exercise on a regular basis?
Do you want to change your relationship with food?
If you answered YES to any or all of these questions – I can help!

Not long ago, I too struggled with managing my weight, trying to be “good” with my diet and either over training or not exercising at all for months at a time, all the while I experienced horrible mood swings and cravings.  It was as if I could see and feel myself making these poor choices but I just didn’t know how to stop the vicious cycle.  


When I finally asked for help, what I discovered was pretty amazing!  In a nutshell, this is what I learned:


  • First, and probably, most important is LOVE – I learned to love and nurture myself.  You know the saying “If mom isn’t happy, no one else is?”  It’s totally true!!  How can we possibly expect to love and care for others in our lives if we can’t do the same for ourselves? 


  • Second, I learned the importance of GRATITUDE – We really have so much to be thankful for and yet, we are fixated on what we don’t have (i.e. the perfect body, a booming career, tons of friends, etc.) which perpetuates the negative self talk….you know, it’s the voice inside your head that says we’ll never be good enough?!


  • Third – The art of FOREGIVENESS – for so long I felt guilty about so many things, like spending time and money doing what made me happy, or the haunting guilt of making “bad” food choices.  I also had personal relationships that needed healing  - I had to learn to forgive myself, and others, so that I could be free to move forward.


Now, I am everyday finding my way, towards BALANCE.  I have found that extremes of any kind for me are counterproductive.  I know what foods are nourishing for me and what triggers the “roller coaster.”  I found an exercise program that I love and fosters a sense of community and that holds me accountable for my own fitness.   I am happy and exhilarated by the fact that I can be exactly who I want to be by shifting my focus and energy.   What’s even more exciting is that each of us has the capability to make these changes in our lives and I can show you how!!


Join me in my 3 Month Holistic Coaching Program


This program is for you, if:


  • you want to get back on track with your health but need support and accountability,

  • you want to feel confident in your own skin and love your body,

  • you feel stuck and/or fearful of trying new things that might be out of your comfort zone,

  • you’ve tried several weight loss programs and had some success but can’t make it stick!

  • you’re frustrated by the constant “eat this, don’t eat that” marketing in the news and on social media,

  • you’re ready to feel your best and want to get your family on board so they can join you on this journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Program Details
This one-on-one coaching program is a unique experience and completely personalized to fit your individual goals.  Topics we will cover include, but are not limited to:

Main Health Challenges

What is getting in the way of you feeling your best?  Get clear on your health goals and explore what is holding you back.



What foods should I eat for my body type and activity level?Nutrition is not a one-size fits all approach, what works well for one person will not necessarily work for everyone.Discover what foods work best for you.



Are you suffering from any nutritional deficiencies?Learn what supplements can help support your individual health goals.


Physical Activity

Find a program or form of exercise that you love and will keep you motivated to remain consistent.Clear the stories you may have in your mind about why you CANNOT be successful, you CAN do this!



Let go of that which no longer serves you.Learn to be OK with detaching from relationships that overwhelm and consume your energy.



Learn how our thoughts, meditation or prayer and self reflection can shift our energy and our reality.


In working together, you can expect:
  • to be done with the dieting roller coaster once and for all by purposefully creating new and healthy, lifestyle habits;

  • to ditch the story in your mind of how you used to look and feel great about your body today;

  • to make choices that are best for YOU and your body as the unique, one of a kind person that you are;

  • to feel energized and learn to sustain that energy by finding the right balance of nutrition, physical activity and stress management.



Your one-one-one program includes:

  • a thorough welcome packet that helps us better understand your health challenges, desires and stumbling blocks,

  • twelve 50 minute coaching calls where you will receive support, feedback and accountability,

  • Session notes, digital handouts and recipes to support our work,

  • 90 days of personalized email support, to get your questions answered in between sessions.





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